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the 3 free singles from DLDown's 2009 album "Also, He Made the Stars..."


released October 5, 2009

℗ 2009 DLDown. All rights reserved. Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright. That said, feel free to ask...

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Track Name: Since 3 Days Ago (single)
Thursday in the garden and the hour is close at hand
Frightened friends beside him though they can't yet understand
And he loves them
How he loves them
Even though they just can't keep their weary eyes open
And so he's alone
So alone
And over and over the tears from his eyes overflow

Enemies conspiring send an army for one man
Traitor's kiss confiding: "he's the one, lads - take him down"
But he loves them
Still he loves them
So he goes
Though they won't let their blinded eyes open
And so, as he knows, blood will flow
And over and over his captors will rain down the blows

Darkness overwhelmed him; no, he didn't last that long
It seemed that all was over; the mourners wailed their song
But he loves us
Yes, he loves us
This we know
For he told us to keep our eyes open
And so there's so much to tell you
So much has happened since all I've just told you took place
Only three days ago
Track Name: Icarus (single)
Flying high on wings of pride
Looping and soaring across the sky
Freedom of my own design
Who needs a Father's advice?

Lazy gliding across the blue
Always knew I could do without you
Closer to the sun for a better view
Maybe to Heaven I can break through

Seen too late, the edges curl
Feathers scorch and knots unfurl
Softening wax and trembling fear
A desperate swoop for cooler air
Flapping, drowning, frozen heart
Dreams, ambitions fall apart
Vertigo and effort spent
Icarus starts his long descent
I'm falling!

Spiralling down
In my fear I am drowning
My arrogance is taking its toll
Oh God, if you're there
Would you hear me and spare me
Reach out and break my fall
I'm falling

Forsaking my crown
This world drags me down
This sin will be the death of us all
But by grace arranged
My wrongs are exchanged
For a parachute that I could never earn
I'm falling...
Into your arms again

Was lost, now I'm found
And now I'm Heaven-bound
Track Name: Starmaker (single)
If you have the time
Perhaps you'd linger on
'Cause there's someone
I'd like you to meet
A friend of mine
I'm sure you'll get on fine
For he holds
A special place in my heart

I'm afraid
He won't improve your image
In these times
He's not one to be seen with
I have to say
He has something of a habit
Of hanging out
With just the wrong kind of crowd

I don't always find him easy to talk to
But he's always there to listen when I do
We often disagree, but the wrong one's always me
And he'll be the first to make the reconciling move

He's somewhat enigmatic
Questions remain
I can't see where he's going
But I know he knows the way

So if you have the time
I just know he'd love to meet you
After all, your name is written on his hands
I mean to say
You'll meet him anyway
Sooner or later
And by the way, he made the stars