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DLDown's debut release.

Downloads from this store come complete with artwork and pdf booklet.

"...the music is hard to classify but easy to enjoy. If you mix thoughtful prog rock with experimental folky jazz you are somewhere near. The key facets of the album are the structure of the songs and the dense and imaginative lyricism. There is an intelligence about the way the songs are put together that is very refreshing and the lyrics take this beyond throw away pop into something altogether deeper and more challenging. Buy it.....catch them live. This is fantastic." (5 stars)
Chris Graeme - 28-May-2007

"The instrumentals are captivating... Both artists bring with them a mastery of their instruments that makes this a fantastic listen - keyboards are used to great effect, Jo's guitar work is deft and Tim's saxophone gives a refreshingly jazzy feel to some of the songs. A fresh breath of life to the indie music scene." (8/10)
Peter Frizelle, Cross Rhythms

"What's the music?"
"It's Jo"
"But... but... it's brilliant!"


released November 13, 2006

DLDown are:
Jo Wilson - vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass
Tim Buick - alto sax

Lazarus and Farther Up and Farther In also feature special guest Aggy Ng on violin.

Puzzle was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jo at Flat 3 studios, Aberdeen.

Jo used his trusty angle-poise iMac G4 running Garageband, connected to an Edirol FA-66 firewire audio interface (which is red, so that's alright). He played his Roland VA-5 keyboard and his Cort Earth 100 acoustic guitar, sometimes run through his Boss DD-6 Delay pedal and Marshall AS50R acoustic amp. He borrowed Owen Wilson's bass for which he is grateful. Jo’s voice, Tim's sax, Aggy's violin and a few other bits and bobs were all captured by the cunning device known as a Shure SM-58 microphone.

For those who may possibly be interested, Tim plays a Blessing sax with a 2½ reed that has been fermenting in his mouthpiece for several months. This adds to the unique sound of DLDown.

All lyrics by Jo Wilson. Music by Jo Wilson except: 5, 7, 9 by Jo Wilson & Tim Buick; 8b traditional arr. Jo Wilson. ℗&© 2006 DLDown. All rights reserved. You’re looking lovely tonight. Album artwork was designed and made by Jo Wilson, with kind assistance from Pete Buwert. Photography by Jo Wilson except this page background and insets of Jo and Tim by Owen Wilson; CD image by Sam Wilson.

We’d like to say thank you to lots of people, but due to many exciting varieties of bad planning we’re running out of space. Therefore please enter your name in the space below. Go on, it’ll stop you feeling left out.

DLDown would like to thank _____________. Puzzle would not exist without him/her/them/it.



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Track Name: Lazarus
I’m lying on my deathbed, with friends around
My sisters fuss over me
Beneath their encouraging smiles the hope is gone from their eyes
Is this really my time to leave?
Is this really the end?
Why hasn’t my Lord come to see me?
I wanted to speak with my friend once more before I go

Your time has not yet come
I still have work for you my child
To show the world the glory of my son

A tentative scuffling outside
And the boulder slides aside
The darkened tomb flames with light

Electric thoughts snap in my mind
Synapses spark into life
Consciousness dawns like the sunrise

Through muscles lying cold as stone
These sweet pins and needles flow
These limbs become once more my own

I eagerly open my eyes
And outside the Saviour’s voice cries
“Lazarus, time to arise!”
Track Name: Part Trust
I’m waiting for a right time which may never take place
So I’ll choose a wrong one and do my best
Trying to read you, trying to see what’s in your head
Trying to guess how much you’ve guessed
But now it’s come down to the moment, I’m not sure what to say
Is there a way to say “I love you” without turning you away?

I’m part hope, part fear, part far from you, part near
Part can’t, part must, part torment, part trust

I’ll imagine a thousand variations of the same situation
Over and over and over and over again
Trying to trust that, with or without you
It’ll all work out just fine in the end
Can I know what’s on your mind – will it equal what’s in mine?
Will our futures spin apart now, or someday intertwine?

I’m part hope, part fear, part mystified, part clear
Part silence, part song, part weakness, but part strong

Part pride, part shame, part leap for joy, part lame
Part love, part lust, part tangle, part trust

Part advance, part retreat; could be victory or defeat
Part lose, part gain, part pleasure, part pain

Part elation, part dread, but I can’t get you out of my head
Just can’t, but I must - I’m part anxious, part trust
Track Name: Puzzle
Glinting in the darkness at the edges of my mind
The shattered pieces twist around until they're realigned
They shuffle, shift and slide and find their places in my heart
Maybe this one is the key - the puzzle gently tears itself apart

I place the thousandth piece, and the jigsaw is completed
But it looks like the wreckage of a three-way picture pile-up at high speed

The Rubik's Cube is solved, but only if you're colour-blind
And mine looks more triangular anyway

Those little plastic coloured shapes supposedly fit together
I got them back in their box after I'd melted one or two

Homer's head is back in shape if you don't mind the stitches
But the Christmas-cracker wire puzzles, they're Siamese twins for life

A 3-dimensional wooden star - you need three hands to hold it
It's looking rather promising, but why is it that the last piece never fits?

My head's spinning with things on my mind

Words and pictures bounce around
Right side up or upside-down
Something grabs me as I pass:
A ghost of me in mirrored glass

There's something in my shining eyes
That slowly makes me realise:
Reflection knows the answer
But he's keeping it quiet

So fixed in concentrated frown
I try to stare each other down
"Give me the solution"
In silent fury cry

Cracks across the mirror trace
Worried lines on Double's face
But just before the mirror breaks
I drop my gaze, defeated
Track Name: Frustration
I can’t believe I’ve failed you again
Can’t believe I’ve let you down again
You know I wasn’t out to hurt you
But my indifference to your feelings cut you deep

Can’t believe I’ve tripped up again
Can’t believe I’ve been taken in again
I blundered in and now I’m trapped
By empty lies so nicely wrapped
In a picture-perfect covering of flesh and skin

I’m ashamed of dragging down your name
I’m ashamed of the help I never ask for ‘til I’ve already given in
I’m ashamed again

I’m sorry that I’ve failed you again
I’m sorry that I’ve injured you again
Show me how you feel about it
Watching me as I miss out on
All the hopes you have in mind for me

I’m ashamed of dragging down your name
I’m ashamed of the help I never ask for ‘til I’ve already given in
I’m ashamed of the “sorry"s I throw out to you which don’t cost me a thing
I’m ashamed

Knowing that your grace will find me
Turn and put this fall behind me
Take your hand and face another day
Track Name: Farther Up and Farther In
Lonely dog hears his master's voice
On the other side of the door
Doesn't know what lies on the other side
But he trusts in his master's company

He wants to go
Farther up and farther in

And I will follow your voice wherever you lead me
'cause I'll never find my way there on my own
And I'll run and I'll chase after you
'cause I believe you have something bigger for me
There's always more of you to know

I want to go
Farther up and farther in

I'm looking forward to the day when this broken body's served its purpose
When I'll leave this life behind and not look back
And I'll stand blinking on the threshold, unable to take it in
At this place so new and wonderful, but which I know in my heart is home

Back to Earth for a moment, with its trials and temptations
You tell me "fix your eyes on me and don't look down"
And I'll fight against this dirty sin
'cause I believe you have something better for me

Would you take me
Farther up and farther in

I'm looking forward to the day when this broken body's served its purpose
When I'll leave this life behind and not look back
And I'll fall trembling at your feet in awe of the One who made it all
At my King so wise and beautiful, who died to make me his friend

I'm looking forward to the day when I'll walk in Heaven with my Jesus
And to serve my King forever will be my joy
And eternity'll never get boring, 'cause there's always something new to learn
And every day he'll take my hand and say:
"Hold on tight, enjoy the ride
I'm going to take you with me
Farther up and farther in"
Track Name: Puzzled?
My head’s spinning with things on my mind
My head’s spinning ‘cause you’re on my mind